Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two Bytes Are Better Than One | LED Sign User Computer - Wacky Wednesday

Imagine a world, long long ago, where a 16 bit microcomputer with 16-bit processing was awesome! I came across this ad and thought it was pretty cute and perfect for a #wackywednesday post!

Fortunately, our #LED #digital #display user computer controller is much more advanced and user friendly, with no need for special computer knowledge or know-how. This makes sharing a message to your LED video display simple with a click of a mouse or through the LED controller systems advanced, easy to use scheduler. 

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Evaluating Your Car Wash Signage Purpose | Consider an LED Digital Sign!

#TuesdayTreat: Did you know that we offer $$$ when you trade in your old #LED #Digital #Display and upgrade to a new LED sign?

Contact us today on how to upgrade your #signage and trade in your old #sign for a sparkling new modern format #LEDvideodisplay!

Consider an LED Digital Sign at your car wash and advertise rotating daily specials with the click of a mouse and user friendly software!

From, please read about how to evaluate your car was signage purpose!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Advertise Your Brand! The Importance of Car Wash Signage

Continuing our focus on the car wash industry, here is part 2 of how signage can increase sales with your business from

An #LED #video #display is a 24 hour / 7 days a week personalized channel for your brand an can increase business from 25-150%! 

We'd love to help you explore if an LED sign may be right for your business! Give us a call! #Atlanta #LED #electronic #sign #company

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Iconic Car Wash & Sign, a blast from the past....

Photo Courtesy:

Businesses of the past knew how to draw the attention of passers by with amazing 
#signage. Gone are the days of these amazing iconic signs! Here is a blast from the past of an awesome #carwashsign!

How does a business grab attention today? 

 #digital #displays are attention grabbers of here and now as well as the signage leaders of the future! Call us today for more information on all of our amazing LED #messagecenter #sign
 options! We'd love to hear from you and share how an electronic LED sign can help your business grow! Visit us on Facebook!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Car Wash Business Signs - Trade in Your Old, Outdated LED Display!

Own a #carwashbusiness? Are you considering upgrading your signage? offers a trade-in on your old, outdated LED digital sign! Call us today on how much trade-in allowance you can receive! Full-color #LED #digital #signs and displays can enhance your business and grab the attention of your customer!

Curious about car wash signage? Check out part 1 of 3 in this article from about signage. 

Have questions about an #LED #message#center for your business? Give a shout, we can help and see how best an LED display can help your business grow!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Simpson Middle School in Cobb County, Georgia demands attention with their new LED display!

The actual Simpson Middle School design we produced for their proposal showing how their new display will look with a retrofit on their existing brick monument

Picture of the Simpson Middle School reader-board before their LED display upgrade
Simpson Middle School, located in Cobb County within the Georgia Cobb County School District, had an old, outdated reader board on a brick monument for their existing sign. They fundraised and worked closely with their Simpson Eagles Education Foundation (SEEF) to raise money over the past few years to upgrade their existing brick monument reader sign to an LED video display message center.

The outcome of their transformation shows amazing facelift retro-fit that includes a beautiful, attention grabbing LED display including their custom mascot logo topper, complete with ad panels for their sponsors.

Take a moment to look at the before, during installation as well as the after pictures of this amazing transformation!

Enjoy your new LED display Simpson Middle School! 

During removal/installation of new LED display

Removal of old reader board sign
Masonry was added to the existing sign monument structure to include matching brick for a seamless installation of the new and old structure.

Landscaping was added to complete the overall curb appeal at the entrance of the school, and makes quite a statement which demands attention!

Completed installation of the Simpson Middle School brick monument retrofit to include their new LED display, sponsor ad panels and brick columns, complete with new landscaping!

 Are you looking for information regarding LED video displays? Contact SignGig for more information about this project and our LED video display products which include retro-fit and new builds for your retail location, school or church give us a call!

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