Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What is the process of purchasing an LED video display? SignGig Sign and LED Video Display | LED Video Display Company

What is the process of purchasing an LED video display? 

Purchasing an LED video display can be a daunting process! Let SignGig take the fear out of the unknown and help you understand the variables with the number of options in the market today.  Whether you are looking to purchase an LED message center, dynamic LED billboard, interactive LED scoreboard sign or simply give your existing sign an LED facelift, SignGig has what you need and can help you sail smoothly through the process! From the moment your call or email is answered, we will provide you with excellent customer service, the information you deserve and need to make the best decision for your project and at a competitive price.

Our process has actually started before you even called! SignGig has been in the LED video display industry, in a very in-depth, behind the scenes (and inside the displays), since 1999. We have developed our own specs and build our displays with only the highest quality products.

Have an LED display project you are working on? Give us a call.

We will gather all of the necessary information for your project, including measurements and pictures of your proposed sign location. We will work to design and propose the best LED display solution for your project. Once you have moved forward with a contract, your display will go into full production mode. We do have some available stock on our LED displays, which allows for a faster installation, but many times customers have another, custom size in mind. Production time for a non-stock display is approximately 12 weeks. Once your display has neared the end of its production, we will schedule your installation date and one-on-one software training.

Keep in mind there are some major variables between LED signs and they are not all created equal. This includes the terminology of the name of an LED display itself, which can include digital message center, Jumbotron or simply electronic sign! What you actually need may not be what you proposed with. Absolutely do your research with pixel pitch, matrix, brightness and life of the diodes. Many times, these numbers will be skewed in favor of the sign salesman or sign company selling your sign. In the end, ask for references! SignGig has twice been awarded partner of the year for the Cherokee County School System and we have excellent references and products you can see installed, in person, right here locally.

Call SignGig for all of your LED display needs! We have an amazing reputation, are the largest LED display provider to Georgia’s Cherokee County School System and would love to add you to our long list of satisfied clients!

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